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  • Thinking of buying or selling a home? It pays to be informed.

    Your home is one of your biggest investments. Whether you’re buying or selling, a high-quality home inspection provides the valuable information you need to make sound decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

    That’s where we come in. Our home inspection service is exceptionally thorough and informative. That’s because we take our time with every home inspection and use specialized tools for optimum results. We invite our clients to accompany us and ask questions. It’s like getting a course in home ownership! And finally, we provide a detailed and easy-to-understand inspection report complete with tips and recommendations.

    When it comes to your home, having the right information at your fingertips can mean a world of difference. Let us help you make informed decisions about one of the most significant investments of your life.

    Expect the following with Supreme Home Inspections

    • The ability to deliver an entirely thorough inspection.
    • The ability to be accurate in presenting problems.
    • The capacity to communicate the finding so that the buyer knows when something is a big problem and when it isn’t.
    • What is said at the inspection is no different than what they put in their inspection report.
    • A report that is typed or done electronically and not illegible handwriting.
    • Timely delivery of the inspection report.
  • What is a One Year New Home Warranty Inspection?

    Most builders will guarantee a certain number of repairs or adjustments within the first year. In order to take advantage of the One Year Warranty, homeowners should get a home inspection to access the need of repairs.

    A one-year new home warranty inspection is an important aspect of building or buying a new home. A one-year new home warranty provided by builders of new homes may cover repairs or replacement of several systems or specific appliances in the home. In order to take full advantage of this warranty, it is prudent to get the home inspected by a professional before the warranty expires. There are several features of the one-year new home warranty inspection process you should know about.

    After you’ve lived in a home for 10 or 11 months, you may think that the problems and needed repairs are obvious. However, a trained inspector will see things that many homeowners will not.

    You'll want to get an inspection done at the start of the eleventh month. Call at least a month before to make sure an inspector can schedule your inspection in that time frame.

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  • Rental Property Home Inspection.

    It is always important to inspect your rental property. What you can’t see can definitely hurt you.

    Getting ahead of an issue before they become a major issue is one of the important aspects to being successful as a property investor or landlord. If an issue in the attic, roof or crawl space is occurring, it is hard to know about it. Inspecting a home every few years or before having new tenant move in is a good idea. If you have never seen the home or it has been many years since your last inspection.  Then having a full top to bottom home inspection from a licensed home inspectors is your best first step to making a plan for upcoming maintenance expenses on your rental property.

    Bottom line is that it’s important not to let things go too long without someone looking at them. Minor issues can become more major ones if left unattended. Call Supreme Home Inspections to schedule your inspection today.

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